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Wish is a simple app that allows you to purchase clothing and accessories from the comfort of your mobile phone, and it's much more fun than shopping the regular way.

The only thing that you have to do after creating your Wish account is start making wishlists under each of the different categories you'll find. You can add items such as bags, shoes or watches, but you can also include trousers, dresses, t-shirts, etc.

Once you've made your lists, you just have to check the prices and wait until the price drops to the point you've been waiting for, or you can start buying things right away.

One of the advantages of using Wish instead of heading to the shops in person is that it's a lot easier to find exactly what you like. In addition, you can find some clothing items that you usually won't see in stores.

Wish is a different, fun way to shop, and it allows you to find some really surprising products at really great prices.
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Requires Android 2.2 or later.